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Final Fantasy XIII... really not all THAT bad.  I'm playing through it now and I'm rather enjoying myself.

Yeah I know, I know, it's the worst game ever made, right? (I've actually played worse myself)

I do understand a lot of the gripes people have with it.  It is very linear, and I hate that I can't switch out my party members as I choose (but I guess I can when I get to Pulse?), but really, the battle system is fun, the graphics are amazing, I love the soundtrack, and I find the entire cast to be rather likable.

So sue me. :P

WoW Weekly Screenshot

Had an idea for something fun.  Screenshots from WoW.  y/y?

Because I'm a nerd like that.  But I embrace my nerdiness.  Why be less than who I am?

Took this one a couple months ago:
Vykrul on a Sparkle Pony

My mage disguised as a Vrykul woman riding on my sparkle pony Celestial Steed.  haha She's way too big!

I miss questing in Northrend, and I miss my LK gear.  I'm rather meh about Cata so far, but maybe I just need to get out of Vashj'ir. :P

I just love how the dorky fox for the mood is looking at a Mac.  I kind of wish they still made them like that.  They were kind of cool looking. :)



Should I start posting here again?  lol

Never really got it off the ground much. :P
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Aerith flowers


So I am now back from Austria. I got back yesterday, but I fell asleep for a good fourteen hours and didn't do much on the internet. lol

I have a lot of great pics that I took, IMHO. I wish I had had my Nikon D40 with me instead of my Nikon Coolpix, however the D40 technically isn't mine, it's my dad's camera, and he wouldn't let me take it with. :( But my Coolpix still does a decent job, so I will post some when I can! :)